A simple library for parsing .gitignore and .dockerignore files. This library does not concern itself with evauating ignore rules, it is used in Conftest to allow policies to be written against these files. e.g. to ensure that the .git directory is present in .dockerignore.


LibOfLegends is a C# client for the protocol used by the Adobe AIR based League of Legends client.

In 2012, a friend of mine showed an interest in storing and analysing his stats, so I got to reverse engineering.
A little while later I had the first few features for LibOfLegends, allowing epivrvs to build the first version of his stats scraping client Riot Control

I contributed this code under the pseudonym OffsetDonor.


FluorineFXMods are a collection of (now ancient) improvements to the popular FluorineFX library for interacting with RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) applications.

This project added support for RTMPS (RTMP over TLS) and injecting a proxy, for use in the LibOfLegends project.



I was able to make a few modest contributions to Open Policy Agent’s Conftest after exploring it for use at Currencycloud.